Bang And Olufsen Limited Edition BeoPlay H6 Headphones


I remembered the days when the ‘Sony Walkman’ was considered the best portable music player in the world. Although this device was kind-of heavy (it played CD’s) and I try to hide it in my jacket or pocket.

If I’d walk with a Walkman today, I will be considered outdated and perhaps ‘too poor to purchase a MP3 player’. Or perhaps, ‘she must be living in her cave for the past ten years’, taking into account that mp3 players are built-in smart phones.

But back in the days, most people carried oversized headphones only when they are behind their computers, playing games or listening to music, or if not they were DJ’s. Earphones were hot because they were small and portable.

Now just like smart phones, the headphones are blending with fashion. Fashionable people are carrying these colorful headphones without shame, walking on the streets while diving into their favorite music.

Bang & Olufsen, famous for their beautiful inventions and designs, are going to release three limited edition BeoPlay H6 Headphones. They are purposely made for women – flexible, stylish, beautiful design, combined with sharp colors like red, yellow and blue.

Hang them next to your wardrobe, made with real leather that ages through time, with frequency range 20-22.000 Hz, measuring 7.6 x 7.6 x 1.6 inches, available for €399 at







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