Balenciaga Le Dix Triple S Shoulder Bag


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Balenciaga Le Dix Triple S Shoulder Bag


As mini bags continue to disrupt the fashion industry of bags, Balenciaga can’t sit around and wait, they need to do something. You probably have heard about the new Le Dix Collection, which have been reviewed numerous times at our site. Presenting the Balenciaga Le Dix Triple S Shoulder Bag.

I do not know what S stands for, but I do understand the word ‘triple’ completely. You see, the Celine trio pouch (with shoulder strap) have been around for quite some time and up until today we still receive the question: ‘How much does the Celine Trio Pouch cost?’, ‘Where can I find the Celine Trio pouch?’ and the classical ‘I just bought a Celine Trio Pouch’.

But you need to understand why this Trio Pouch bag is so coveted.

First it has a shoulder strap – we love to carry bags around our shoulder don’t we?

Secondly, it has three compartments – no secrets here.

Three, it’s Celine – we all know how we love their craftsmanship and leather, no disappointment here.

While the Balenciaga is rocking with their motorcycle bags, the Le Dix Triple S shoulder bag is crafted in the same quality, which is, of course impeccable.

Le Dix is a classic name, inspired by the 10 Avenue George V flagship boutiques, carrying this bag is like carrying a piece of Balenciaga’s history. Then you need to know that it’s a bit smaller in size than the Celine Trio Pouch, measuring 27 x 16 x 4 cm (W x H x D) and embossed with the Balenciaga logo in front.

The Balenciaga Le Dix Tripe S shoulder bag has three compartments (again, no secrets here), two of them are designed with a zipper. This bag is ideal for the night-outs or for the summer holiday, especially those days when you don’t want to carry too-much. It’s also perfect for traveling; it will fit your travel documents like passports and other papers.

The leather is entirely calfskin; the interior is lined in black nappa, made in Italy, now for $1,465 USD or €995 at Balenciaga e-store.



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