Balenciaga Day VS City: Which One To Pick?

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Balenciaga Day VS City: Which One To Pick?


Another frequent asked questions at our community is: ‘Should I pick the Balenciaga Day bag or the City bag?’.

Though the day bag is not as famous as the Balenciaga city bag, both has their own pros and cons. The Balenciaga city bag’s advantage is obviously the top handle. It’s a bag that you can grab on whenever you are ready to go. The name City bag is not just a name, it’s the right everyday bag for the city girl, and beautiful after you are dressed all casual. Don’t attract unnecessary attention, take the blue or anthracite.

Sling the Balenciaga day bag when it’s time to travel. Go to Paris, China or Japan, this bag is strong enough to take down any encounter. It has enough space to drop your bottle of Evian water. The pockets within your reach, so you can take out your wallet or passport within seconds. And if your hands is itching, you can use its top handle. But at the end, the day bag is made as a shoulder bag.

So which bag is better?

Can you remind the time you went to high school. Did you carried your bag by hand or shoulder? If you are used to carry your bag by hand, then we recommend the Balenciaga City bag. The Day bag is not practical for you.

But if you are used to carry bags around your shoulder, then I recommend the Day bag. But you can also get both. The classic city bag is an amazing everyday bag, great when going down town. While the Balenciaga day bag can be used for work and traveling.

So which bag do you prefer? The Balenciaga City bag or the Day bag?


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