Balenciaga Classic City Bag

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Balenciaga Classic City Bag

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Balenciaga Classic City Bag


Can you guess what Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara and Nicole Scherzinger have in common besides amazing hair and a diva attitude? They all share an unconditional love for the Balenciaga Classic City Bag! When we see celebrities sporting a certain bag, our fashion alarm starts to ring, and we want to know everything about that style and brand, and also how soon we can flaunt.


The Balenciaga bag is different. It’s not elegant, it’s not chic, but it’s… Yeah what is it? Let’s put it in Balenciaga’s own words: ‘Modern Gothic’. We call it a motorcycle bag and it’s no accident that it is named a city bag. I will carry this baby in NY city from east to west and then flaunt it in Beijing from north to south. The Balenciaga Classic City bag make me feel tough, cool and a dangerous.

I can repeat all day why you should own a Balenciaga Classic City Bag. To start with, let look at the colors. They have so many to choose that it confuse me, because just like you, I have more than one color that I love to own. Here’s a couple, the cassis, Dune, Blue Mineral, Rose Thulian. Then you need to know that the City bag is not heavy at all while it can load a lot of stuff. It won’t argue with you if you decide to use it as a travel bag. Balenciaga has done a great thinking in cutting the leather very thin, but still durable and strong.

More, I can’t resist the tough look with those metal studs scattered here and there, its leather fringes are fun to pull when zipping it up, the flirty hand mirror sits in a stylish leather frame, and it feels oh-so nice to hold its soft rolled top handles!

If there are any designer bag that can give you the biggest bang for your bucks, that will be the City bag. The all-so-famous handbag for $1,500 is a nice price compare to the size you get. Though not anyone can afford that, know that people will know you are carrying a fabulous Balenciaga bag. There’s no style like B and we all know that.

Balenciaga Classic City Bag in Baby Blue
at Browns Fashion for $1,723

Balenciaga Classic City Bag in Dark Blue
at Browns Fashion for $1,723


Balenciaga Classic City Bag in Red
at Browns Fashion for $1,723


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13 thoughts on “Balenciaga Classic City Bag”

    • Hi Bambam. I bought my City bag along St Honore, Balenciaga has its own boutique there. You can also find that at Galeries Lafayette but it’s more fun to buy along St Honore as it’s not crowded & you can feel more the special treatment @ St Honore. i bought it at 1,295Euro & you can get 11.7% detax if you’re a tourist shopper…not bad at all!

    • In Paris Balenciaga is different than Chanel, I have also seen them in department stores.

      City bags are €1,145 and the mini city around €895.

      Here’s one adress to find:
      Balenciaga Paris George V
      10 Avenue George V

      Are u in Paris right now?

    • Hi sassy and sam11,

      thanks for your recommendation. i will be going to paris on 1/8/13. I am still contemplating on which bag to get. Pretty torn between these few:
      (1) Balenciaga city bag in Rose Corail
      (2) Louis Vuitton Alma BB in Citron
      (3) Celine multicolor mini luggage
      (4) Chanel PST in black caviar with GHW

      And pretty much the list goes on if not for my tight shopping budget!

    • Oh, Alma and PST is must have. But then City and luggage is also must have. I will be torn too! These are imo the must haves, especially PST.

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