Balenciaga Chevre (Goatskin) or Agneau (Lambskin), Which One Do You Prefer?

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Balenciaga Chevre (Goatskin) or Agneau (Lambskin), Which One Do You Prefer?

Balenciaga Chevre (Goatskin) or Agneau (Lambskin), Which One Do You Prefer?


Balenciaga bags are amazing, classic city, classic first, classic town and the classic day bag, I love them all. But do you have any idea what they are made of? Do you feel that the leathers are actually all the same?

Balenciaga bags, a style that is neither chic nor really casual. It’s somewhere in between. Balenciaga call it: ‘modern gothic’ But up until now, Balenciaga uses Chevre leather in their production. So what’s actually Chevre leather? Chevre is goatskin, a material that is very durable and strong. The reason for switching is unknown, but the new type leather Agneau is softer and feels more chic. It’s comparable to the Chanel lambskin.

Apparently, this leather is not practical for every bag. We heard that Balenciaga bags that are made from Agneau turns black into grey with a bit of green over time. Maybe it’s just coincidence or we need to get used to the new skin.

Do you have any difficulties with Balenciaga leathers? Please drop them in the comments.


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Pictures courtesy of: Youtube User mica259

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3 thoughts on “Balenciaga Chevre (Goatskin) or Agneau (Lambskin), Which One Do You Prefer?”

  1. There were some issue about the goat leather. I thought it was the fading problem, maybe this is the reason why they switch over to lamb.


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