Alexander Wang Black Studded Diego Bucket Bag: Love It Or Leave It


There are times we love to use the words: ‘Love it or leave it’. In many cases it would be very useful, just like when we are judging the Alexander Wang Diego Bucket bag. For most of us, the first bite of the bucket bags might be a bit bitter, but as time grows we learned how to appreciate art and might end up totally loving it. Especially when the ins and the outs has been introduced that might open up our eyes to the new possibilities to feed our never-ending bag addiction.

The bucket might not attract you on the first sight when looking at the pictures. But you gotta go beyond the eyes and start feeling it in person. Because if you do, the touch of the fine leather and the color of the studs will exceed your expectation. The Alexander Wang Diego bucket is surprisingly edgy and comfy. Though it might be totally black on photos, the color is actually more of a pewter. I always thought buckets were overly complex and not practical at all, until you figure out how easy it is getting your stuff in and out.

The bucket can take some heavy load if it needs to. The leather makes the bag a bit unnecessary heavy, but very easy to carry on shoulder. Even though it matches great to many accessories and clothing styles, you still gotta love it or just walk away and leave it. At SSENSE for $850.

Size: 12’’ x 8’’ x 7’’ (D x L x W)
Material: 100% leather


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