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Alexander McQueen Heroine Bag

Alexander McQueen Heroine Bag

Heroine bag is here to satisfy your addiction- your highest craving for handbags. Genius craftsmanship, sleek silhouette, attention to even the intricate detail, modish structure and feminine and sculptural pattern are here to get obsessed with, this season. And why wouldn’t we crave for this McQueen Heroine which has prominently been seen with famous celebs and A-listers, for instance we have seen Jessica Chaistain, Amanda Seyfreid, Zoel Saldana and Kate Beckinsale carrying this beauty with them.

During the Fall Winter 2012 Heroine bag assembled itself in the league of various It-bags by Alexander McQueen label. To add more, the bag has successfully launched its campaign shot by Dan Tobin and do you know, it’s the first time brand has granted any accessory such a prestigious honor!

Onset to take the royal throne for the top-tier bag of the season, this is like a royal-chic everyday bag. Mimicking a few traits here and there from the satchel and the doctor’s bag with its teardrop profile and short handles, this one has achieved an iconic status in the handbag world. Such luxurious qualities make the bag truly apt for runway and thus are described as “timeless luxury piece” by the McQueen itself.


Alexander McQueen Heroine Bag

Should we pull the trigger towards its design? Let’s discuss the details. Your addicting Alexander McQueen Heroine bag features embossed Alexander McQueen logo, short top tote style handles, cover flap, detachable luggage leather tag with engraved Alexander McQueen signature and one detachable and adjustable across-the-body leather strap. Your beloved carryall also comes in satchel and small versions in a wide array of colors and materials that is apt according to everybody’s choices.

Its genius design left the people all over the globe thrilled. Yes, the design is purely genius! Just look at its structured silhouette that is designed smart and elegantly with an expandable body and two lateral vertical zips. This masterpiece is a never-seen-before design, which makes you feel safe and secure; as the well thought front flap is made such that handles are beautifully attached above. Thus, to get in and out of this smooth design there is just one way, by removing your hands off the handles.

What really gets refreshing is its urban chic vibe shape that is somewhat different than the ordinary. Flat, compact and square shapes are far behind, as here the Alexander McQueen Heroine bag has an interesting and admirable round shape. Look at the right side of this bag and you would love how classy it is! Most importantly, it features a side and handle teardrop silhouette and it can be effortlessly worn flap-open or flap-close. So, now you can say why this bag is so addicted and at the same time so pricy.

Ever wanted a multi-dimensional style? This is that one. Just carry this oh-so-sophisticated and sleek bag in offices as a work wear or even in your casual meetings. You cannot only take it for daytime but during your shopping spree too. As the Heroine bag comes in a variety of materials you can flaunt it at your dinner date as well.


Alexander McQueen Heroine Bag
Just open up this addictive piece to reveal fair enough space to store more than what you actually need as your daily belongings. The bag is lined with a suede-effect lining and is further organized with a central compartment, two main compartments, one zip pocket and two flat pockets to store your small stuff. Wow! Isn’t that too much to ask for! Also, as an added bonus you are generously granted with some more space as per your requirements. Not following? Well, you can just zip the sides open and the bag expands providing more space.


Alexander McQueen Heroine Bag

Alexander McQueen Heroine Bag

From Left To Right: Size 21, 30, 35, Small, Medium
Styles Size
Alexander McQueen Heroine 21 Bag 15 x 21 x 10 (W x H x D) cm
Alexander McQueen Heroine 30 Bag 25 x 30 x 12 (W x H x D) cm
Alexander McQueen Heroine 35 Bag 29 x 35 x 18 (W x H x D) cm
Alexander McQueen Heroine Small Bag 18.5 x 21 x 10.5 (W x H x D) cm
Alexander McQueen Heroine Medium Bag 25.5 x 26 x 16 (W x H x D) cm

Leathers And Materials

Alexander McQueen Heroine Bag

From Left To Right: Calf Leather, Croc Embossed, Python


Alexander McQueen Heroine Bag

From Left To Right: Calf leather; Black, Graphite, Blush

Alexander McQueen Heroine Bag

From Left To Right: Calf leather; Off-white, Burgundy

Alexander McQueen Heroine Bag

From Left To Right: Croc Embossed; Black, Smog Grey, Red, Burgundy


Alexander McQueen Heroine Bag


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