A Closer Look: Givenchy Nightingale Multicolored Bag


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A Closer Look: Givenchy Nightingale Multicolored Bag


The Givenchy Nightingale bag is as iconic as it sounds – it has been around every season as a mainstay of one of the forerunners in fashion. And we totally get it, because ever since its release in late 2006, many of us have been waiting patiently for new releases every season. Now, there is a revamp when it comes to the basic design, as Givenchy gives us a multicolored version. We’re talking business, here.

Along with every Nightingale ever released, still, the piece features two top handles along with a detachable shoulder strap which allows you to wear it any way you’d want. It also bears the signature Givenchy monogram on the handles – a testament to the quality and craftsmanship in every piece. We know you want it.

Because the piece has a beautiful form and structure, you can easily make transitions with the Nightingale along every season. It’s that versatile!

What do you think about this take on the classic Nightingale? Let us know!

Pictures courtesy of: aiscollections

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