A Closer Look: Diorama Club Bag


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A Closer Look: Diorama Club Bag


Did you join the club? If not, don’t be late or else you’ll be missing a lot when it comes to the bag trend. And yes ladies, we are definitely taking about the Diorama Club Bag.

We’ve previously talked about the Diorama Club Bag since obviously they are the talk of the town so might as well feature them once again. As earlier mentioned, the Diorama Club is part of Dior’s Pre-Fall 2016 Collection.

The bags are as a matter-of-fact the mini me versions of the Diorama Flap Bag which features a large badge in front. For the Diorama Club Bag, the badges usually come in contrasting yet complementing colors. They also come in different materials such as sequins, crystals, lambskin, enamel and shagreen.

We particularly love these bags since they can be worn in different ways. Talk about multi-functionality and flexibility in one bag! You can wear it across the body or carry it over your shoulders and whichever way you prefer, it will always look good on you.

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