A Closer Look: Celine Velvet Bags


Take a closer look at this season’s goodies, the Celine Velvet Bags are back and they are more obsessive than ever. Introducing the Velvet on the Luggage Bag as well as the Belt Bag, but we know there more styles available including the iconic’s.

Now, let’s talk about Velvet. First it makes us happy because Celine bags in Velvet are generally cheaper than leather. And Velvet gives us a fuzzy experience, which can be nice, especially in the winter. But overall, it’s the color – Velvet makes the color bright and shiny, very notable and attractive.

We have spotted this bag in grey, but there are other options as well like orange. The downside of Velvet is the maintenance – it’s just harder to maintain than leather. But if you are careful enough, this bag can be used for a very long time.

Now ladies, what do you think?


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Pictures courtesy of: Instagram @luksusowezakupy


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