Celine Fall Winter 2020 Collection

Celine Horizontal Phone Pouch thumb

Celine Horizontal Phone Pouch (Belt Pouch)

Simple, useful and handy, the Celine Horizontal Phone Pouch is like a little shoulder bag. And just like any Celine ...

Celine Horizontal Cabas Plein Soleil Bag thumb

Celine Horizontal Cabas Plein Soleil Bag

Always needed a solid daily bag? Meet the Celine Horizontal Cabas Plein Soleil Bag. It’s the perfect high fashion bag ...

Celine Marlou Bag thumb

Celine Marlou Bag

There is a new bag in town – the Celine Marlou Bag. This bag feels like a little box, where ...

Celine Sulky Bag thumb

Celine Sulky Bag

Meet the Celine Sulky Bag inspired by the Sulky logo from 1966. The Sulky is a horse-drawn vehicle used in ...

Celine Maillon Triomphe WOC thumb

Celine Maillon Triomphe WOC

If you’re in love with the Celine Triomphe Collection, then you might also want to meet the Celine Maillon Triomphe ...