Kate Spade Make It Mine Bag

Kate Spade Make It Mine Bag thumb

Kate Spade makes fashion fun and flexible. How would you like to have the option to change your bag from time to time? Single styles are just too boring; it’s time for new innovations. Introducing the Kate Spade Make It Mine Bag. So here’s how this thing works: The Design You choose a stunning timeless … Read more

Kate Spade Makayla Bag

Kate Spade Makayla Bag thumb

For $398 USD via Shopbop Kate Spade’s Makayla Bag is taking the fashion world by storm with its scalloped flap design and luxurious deep cow pebbled leather. From afar and upclose, there’s no doubt that this might be on every bagaholics’ summer favorites list since it lends an authentic mermaid-y touch to your overall summer … Read more