Kate Spade Sticker Pockets

Fashion is one thing, what we sometimes really need is an extra pocket to store essentials.

There are moments when we don’t want to carry a big bag, there are times when we wish there was an extra space somewhere so we can carry a bit more and sometimes we just want a small card pocket that can be transported as easy as possible.

So Kate Spade created this Sticker Pocket. It’s like a card case, but it can be attached to your phone. And we can’t live without our phones, so we take this little sticker pocket wherever we take our phones to.

It’s simple, minimal and practical.

The Design

There are different styles available, but we like the Triple Sticker Pocket version because there are multiple pockets and it looks simple and streamlined.

The Mini Mouse or Cat Face versions look incredible cute.

This is basically a card slot, but attachable to the back of your phone. It just helps you better organize your daily necessities, because the phone is what you take out more often than your wallet.

You can slip your credit card or paper cash inside for instant payment. Or you can put inside your public transport card, so that you can check-in and out instantly.

More over, these Stick Pockets are made from saffiano split leather.

The Prices

The Triple Pockets and the Cat Embellished are priced at $28 USD while the Minnie Mouse version is retailing for $38 USD, €24 EUR, £35 GBP.

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