Hermes Carre Pocket Long pouch

Hermes Carre Pocket Long pouch thumb

You have met the Carry Pocket Squared Pouch, but the Hermes Carry Pocket Long Pouch? It’s the same design, but different shape. Perhaps you need a long pouch, thus Hermes introduced a new variation. This pouch is crafted in different prints but made with Swift Calfskin and other luxurious leathers. One of the exclusive prints … Read more

Hermes Kelly Pocket To Go Pouch

Hermes Kelly Pocket To Go Pouch thumb

Creativity never ends and that’s why Hermes keeps introducing newer versions of the Kelly Bag. The latest design is called the Hermes Kelly Pocket To Go Pouch and it looks very unique. So Hermes not only created a Pouch, but they added some elements of the iconic Kelly Bag to it. This pouch is made … Read more

Hermes Zipengo Pouch

Hermes Zipengo Toiletry Pouch thumb

Meet the Hermes Zipengo Collection, the latest small accessories line of Hermes. We have taken the pouch or Toiletry Pouch out, because we think it’s the most beautiful piece. The Zipengo Pouch is streamlined, minimalistic and single colored. The body is made with Evercolor calfskin, with a strong and solid material. There are different bright … Read more

Hermes Silk Pouches

Hermes Silk Pouches thumb

Completely under the radar, designed for the Hermes Petite H Collection, there is a new bag released. It’s the Hermes Silk Pouches. Some of Hermes’s most famous pieces are made from silk, like the Silk Twills. These pouches are 100% made from silk and they’re reversible pouches, which means you can change the look instantly. … Read more