Why Love Balenciaga Mini Paper Tote Bag?


Girls crave for bbags, short for Balenciaga bags. We love Balenciaga because it has the color, the style, the quality and above all; the fame. We carry our classic city, first and work bag proudly to work, down town and on our way to the night club. We are shameless, because we know that everyone love Balenciaga.

It’s not something new, but it’s worth mentioning about, presenting the Balenciaga mini papier tote bag. Kate Moss has her own and Charlize Theron loves it, she was spotted everywhere in her tight black jeans, summer blouse and spiral sandals, stunning!

Mini has its own power. When you feel good, carry it as a tote bag by hand. Drag it from day to night, until you get tired. Take out the long strap, attach and transform it into a shoulder bag. Piece of cake.

Why love the Balenciaga mini paper tote? First off, black is a classic color, goes great with almost any outfit, easy to play with your wardrobe, no head ache! Second, consider the space that all tote bags has, especially Balenciaga bags. Open the mini paper tote to find a large square room, with two interior pockets embossed with Balenciaga label, effortless to structure your essentials.

Oh yes, as a bonus and the reason why I love Balenciaga so much, take a look at the logo: Balenciaga… Paris. Oh, I love Paris, you too? At Browns fashion for $1,214.





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  1. miki August 14, 2013 Reply

    Since I bought the celine luggage nano… I don’t think I need other minimized bags like this… there are too many now.. be creative!

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