K Jacques Delta Ankle Strap Sandal in Black Never Goes Out Of Fashion


The clouds has taken over the sun, it starts to get dark en rainy. The temperature is decreasing, the beach is not your favorite hang-out spot anymore, the summer is unfortunately over.
Well, not yet!

I can still see the sun shining and the fresh wind blowing at 20 degrees through my hair, the chill has not ended. And while we are still enjoying our summer times, why not consider wearing a pair of comfortable sandals, now that we still can. And what I love the most about slippers and sandals is that I can pack it up and use it in the next year. More, sandals when picked in the right color, will never go out of fashion.

The K Jacques Ankle strap sandal is simple, but well made to last forever. Leather upper sole keeps your feet comfy, while the wrap around ankle strap and the buckle closure on the end can be adjusted to match your size. More importantly, the black color and brown leather sole are timeless combination, it matches great to any skirt and even jeans. Wear these pair with an easy tee and enjoy the summer before it’s over. At Forward by Elyse Walker for $253.




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