Celine Pocket Large Flap on Chain


The tri-color flap bag, as lovely as the Celine Trio Pouch Bag. For the evenings, you know! To look fabulous and distinctive, you will need something simple yet impressive. And as the saying goes: ‘Simplicity Is The Ultimate Form Of Sophistication’.

Everything is designed with full attention and love – the red flap, the black corners and finished with beige color in the center. It’s simple, but if you feel the leather and take some time to look at the structure, you will meet the perfect craftsmanship in the world.

Carry it on your hands, like a clutch bag. It’s boxy, but it has the capacity to store everything you need, well at least your ‘must‘ essentials.

Though the image doesn’t include a chain, we have to share with you that… it does come with a chain! Isn’t that a relief! No?

This Multicolour bag helps you avoid one of the worst things in fashion, and that’s is: ‘I am boring’. It’s made with calfskin and lambskin lining, available in colors like Cobalt, Bright Red and Terracotta (brownish you know).

Priced at €700 euro, via Celine boutique.



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