A New Classic: Balenciaga Classic City Metallic Edge Bags

Balenciaga Classic City Metallic Edge Bags

Here, take some tea and sit down. Comfy yet?

Now let’s talk about iconic things and bags…

We all know what Balenciaga did. The Le Dix Collection, Ha! I admit; it was a fresh thing and the collection was not bad, not too bad at all. But we just can’t deny where our heart belongs. It belongs in the deepest cave inside Balenciaga’s classic collection. Oh City bag, did you really think that Le Dix could replace you. Not yet, not yet.

Discontinued this and that (Let me refresh your memory; giant hardware 21 discontinued in 2011, I know it hurts, Ouch!), but finally Balenciaga added some new flavors to t heir classic city collection. Now presenting (the curtains start to open); the Balenciaga Metallic Edge Bags (standing ovation!). And they call it: ‘They New Classic’ and I am so liking it.

The Classic bbags have always been trending in fashion, they are simply… how should I call it: ‘beautiful and stylish’. A kind-of motorcycle style, tough and suitable for all women. The classic city bag is as popular as any timeless bag. But do you know what our weaknesses are for Balenciaga bags? It’s the colors, so many that we can’t choose; mango-orange, lemon-yellow, ocean-blue oh gosh, where do we start. But fortunately for us, no headache for the new Balenciaga Metallic Edge City bags, they only come in black and gold hardware. Yeah or Booh?

The Balenciaga Classic City Metallic Edge bag in medium is crafted from shiny grain goatskin, both impeccable quality and durable. The size is measured 9.4” x 14.8” x 5.5” with black cotton lining. And just like every classic city bag, the metallic edges are self-finish studs, including a leather tassel.

Not long ago, Balenciaga has introduced the mini version of the Classic ‘City’ Bag. It’s exactly the copy of, only it comes with a more comfortable shoulder strap. This size is measured at 6.2” x 9.0” x 3.5”, it’s also in black and shiny grain goatskin.

Let’s get to the prices; the medium size is priced at $2,050 USD, the mini classic city bag is priced at $1,485 USD / €1.045 EUR. So, now you’ve finished your tea, please tell me; ‘You Like?’

Balenciaga Classic City Metallic Edge Bags

Balenciaga Classic City Metallic Edge Bags

Balenciaga Classic City Metallic Edge Bags


  1. Mandy August 15, 2015 Reply

    hi Alex, i can’t find the date of the release for this bag. is this new?

    • Author
      Alex August 15, 2015 Reply

      Hi Mandy, yes this style was recently released.

  2. Liyana June 5, 2015 Reply

    I love! I have to be honest, the Classic City did not really struck a cord with me because I thought it was a bit too rocker chic. But the Classic Metallic Edge City is perfect. It’s somewhat a bit more polished and less “rough”, if I may say so. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  3. nana January 31, 2015 Reply

    Hi Alex, can you help me please. Is this new mini classic city metallic Edge bag is seasonal or permanent? My daughter really likes this one black with light gold metallic edge. I saw at the boutique few months ago they have in yellow gold and light gold in black and also in very cute light pink. But we’re going to Paris this summer i was thinking getting from there might be cheaper. I found one on neiman marcus but now it disappear from my list :(. Now am scared it might be sold out.

    • Author
      Alex February 1, 2015 Reply

      Hi Nana, Balenciaga City Bags are always Classics, but Balenciaga change the styles every single year, including the thickness of the leather. The bag is permanent but the style is seasonal. This bag was sold-out very quickly, we belief Europe still has stock. You can contact Balenciaga customer service for more information.

      p.s. they also have the mini yes!

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