The Ultimate Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Bag Review


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The Ultimate Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Bag Review

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The Ultimate Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Bag Review


The perfect French name for the perfect French Bag; introducing the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bag. Sac de Jour is a fabulous name for an iconic bag and in French it literally means the ‘Bag Of The Day’. It’s been said that this bag is Hedi Slimane’s take on the classic birkin shape, it’s supposed to be the modern version of it. But wherever the inspiration came from, the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bag has conquered many people’s heart including a lot of celebrities, bloggers and super models. And even before it was released in store, this bag was already popular after seen on the runway in 2013. Up until today, not much has changed about the design and there is no need to either, because you don’t change an iconic bag, right?

The Design


The Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bag is only available in single colors or in the popular croc-embossed leather. The design is quite minimal but solid. And if you pick the right color, it turns into a timeless handbag that match like a glove to almost any of your wardrobe’s outfit; from elegant styles to urban wear. It’s made with two strong top handles, but it also comes with long leather strap for shoulder carry or cross body.

What I like about the bag is that it doesn’t scream and attract unnecessary attentions. Those who knows fashion will recognize that this is not just an ordinary handbag. The front also features two leathers on each side that bind the interior together. Check out the sides to see its functionality.

The luggage padlock is indispensible, so don’t lose it. The YSL lock is not only part of the Sac de Jour design, but it’s also one of the house’s icons. The padlock can be removed anytime you want.

Because it’s a tote bag, you will drop it multiple times on the floor or on the table. Saint Laurent put a few protective studs on the bottom. Overall, the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bag is gorgeous and super chic. It’s a great addition to your wardrobe.

The Interior


The interior is very interesting. The medium size is ideal to carry as an everyday bag. The inside is large enough to help you go from day to night. What you will find when you open the bag is the two large compartment. These two compartments are evenly separated and can be used to carry all your basic essentials and more. The medium size can fit documents and laptop.

The center is made with a beautiful double zip pocket. This part is made to store your vital necessities and it can also be easily reached. The interior lining has usually the same shade as the exterior.

The Sizes


Nano, Baby, Small, Medium

The measurements:
Saint Laurent Nano Sac De Jour Bag: 7′ x 8.6′ x 4.3′ inches (H x W x D)
Saint Laurent Baby Sac De Jour Bag: 8.2′ x 10.1′ x 5.1′ inches (H x W x D)
Saint Laurent Small Sac De Jour Bag: 9.8′ x 12.5′ x 6.4′ inches (H x W x D)
Saint Laurent Medium Sac De Jour Bag: 37 x 27 x 18 (W x H x D) cm

Since it was first-launched, the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Collection has been extended to the baby, nano, small and medium size. The baby handbag also comes with a leather strap that can be worn super cute on your shoulder.

The Leathers


Calfskin, Croc-Embossed, Metallic

Most people including celebrities are using the Sac de Jour Bag as an everyday bag. And it’s not a surprise at all; this bag is practical and stylish. It goes great with a summer jacket and winter coat. It can be worn with an elegant dress and heels.

But to crown this bag as your every companion, you need to make sure the leather is durable as well. The common leather for the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bag is Calf leather. This leather is impeccable, smooth and easy to maintain. It’s also scratch-resistance and can handle some heavy punches.

Another more luxurious option is the Croc-Embossed leather. This leather type is as solid as the calfskin leather, but it looks chic’er due to its Crocodile patterns. The price is also a bit steeper.

The Colors


Black, Black Croc-Embossed, Brown, Burgundy, Navy, Red


Pale Pink, Pink, Fuchsia, White


Dark Brown, Green, Rose

While the Saint Laurent offers a lot of color options, the basic colors to choose for the most classic style are black, beige, grey and burgundy. For the summer, choose bright colors like green, blue, pink. Red is also a very popular choice. If you choose the mini’s, then colorful shades only enhances it cuteness.

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Where to shop the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Bag?

1. Luisa Via Roma – find this bag in classic and basic colors here.

2. MyTheresa – you can also find a nice collection of colors including seasonal pieces here.

3. Farfetch – find most of the colors here from the stores around the world.

4. Elyse Walker – check here for the limited colors and seasonal pieces.

5. SSENSE – for the signature colors and the croc embossed, you can go here.

6. Matches Fashion – a lot of classic colors in different sizes can be found here.

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