Celine Shoulder Bag

Celine Ava Bag thumb

Celine Ava Bag

Meet the new Celine Bag, it’s called the Celine Ava Bag. And it looks exactly like what’s supposed to be ...

Celine Trotteur Bag Review thumb

Celine Trotteur Bag

Trotteur Bag from Celine’s fashion house is a look that hits the right note between an iconic and a modern ...

Celine Camarat Bag thumb

Celine Camarat Bag

Introducing the new Celine Camarat Bag from the Spring Summer 2020 Bag Collection. Strap closures are very popular today, so ...

Celine Mallion Bag thumb

Celine Mallion Bag

Meet Celine Mallion Bag, the new minimalistic bag with a refreshing logo. Maybe the name is partly thanks to the ...

Celine Chaine Triompe Round Bag thumb

Celine Chaine Triomphe Bag

Last year in 2018, the Celine Triomphe Bag was released to become the next iconic bag. This year, an updated ...