Longchamp Roseau Bag

Longchamp Roseau Bag thumb

When the contemporary French fashion meets the classic timeless signature of Longchamp a gorgeous piece is created, and that’s Roseau bag! It simply shouts sophistication, minimalism and elegant. This distinctive piece is further complimented with a Longchamp’s iconic racehorse signature in a leather oval and a bamboo-inspired closure to make it even more unique. The … Read more

Longchamp La Voyageuse Bag

Longchamp La Voyageuse Bag thumb

Meet the new bag that’s going to rock the fashion world. The Longchamp La Voyageuse Bag is an sophisticated yet elegant necessity for any woman. Longchamp call it: ‘1 spirit, 3 styles’, it’s designed to become your next journey bag. You have the shoulder bag but also tote bag version. I like the tote bag … Read more