Chanel Boy Studded Handle Bag

Chanel Boy Studded Handle Bag thumb

Let’s talk about the Pre-Fall 2017 Collection because there are still so many untold stories. The latest Chanel Boy Studded Handle Bag for example, is sophisticated but eye-catching. It’s different than the classic boy, but isn’t that what they call: ‘unique’? Well, we think you either love it or leave it because the design gives … Read more

The So Many Colors Of Chanel Boy Quilted Bags

Boy Chanel White Quilted Bag thumb

The biggest challenge in shopping is to choose when there is more than one bag that you like. And everyone must have experienced this before, especially when you go to a boutique like ‘Chanel’. Now, life is already hard. And it’s even harder because the Boy Chanel Bag comes in different slightly modified styles like … Read more

Chanel Boy-Chain Flap Bag

Chanel Boy Chain Flap Bag thumb

A new affordable classic is has come to town! Be smitten, fall head over heels, and be under the spell of this newest Chanel Boy-Chain Flap Bag. Everything you’re looking for in a Chanel Bag is there – quilted, boyish chain, the flap with the stunning CC signature. This is a bit lower-priced version bag … Read more

Shopping with Cherry: Chanel Boy-Chain Flap Bag

Chanel Boy Chain Flap Bag thumb

It’s an exciting moment, a new seasonal Chanel Flap Bag has been noticed and Cherry has bought hers in Macau. All the details on this bag resemble the Chanel Classic Bags – from the quilting to the CC logo. But what’s even more exciting is the chain, you see it features the lovely strong boyish … Read more