Hermes Petit H Canvas Basket

Hermes Petit H Canvas Basket thumb

Another bag from the Petit H Collection, the Hermes Canvas Basket. Made from cotton, horn with steel buttons with a gorgeous leather handle. This basket is super light-weighed and easy to carry. This is an artful piece and this basket can be used for storing small essential. It’s basically very versatile. For example, it can … Read more

Louis Vuitton Capucines Garden Party Bag

Louis Vuitton Capucines Garden Party Bag thumb

With a name like Garden Party, what can go wrong with this Louis Vuitton Bag? The Capucines Bag is no doubt one of the most sought-after fashion pieces since it has been released. This perforated version is a limited edition, perfect for the Spring and Summer. The cut-out pattern is inspired by the iconic Monogram … Read more

Marni Pannier Bag

Marni Pannier Bag thumb

Marni- a brand known for its oversized cocoon coats, boxy signature bags and draped dresses, so you can say that it’s a master of construction. Established in 1994 the brand was named after Consuelo Castiglioni’s sister. The story goes as Consuelo Catiglioni, who in turn became famous for his extraordinary creativity using fur as a … Read more

Which Chanel Bag Makes The Best Investment?

Which Chanel Bag Makes The Best Investment thumb

Have you ever wondered? Which Chanel Bag has given the highest ROI? Which Chanel Bag is the best investment? Even tough we belief that you must always put your desires first, which means that you should always choose the bag that you like first, however it would be interesting know how much your handbag have … Read more

Hermes Basketbal Change Purse

Hermes Basketbal Purse thumb

If you like the playful Trutti Frutti Collection, then maybe this Hermes Basketbal Change Purse would suit your taste. It’s another cute style and it’s made for those that want to walk away from the classic designs. The Design You might have already guessed where the name ‘Basketbal’ comes from. It’s because of the basketball … Read more