Saint Laurent Muse Tote Bag

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Saint Laurent Muse Tote Bag



I belief that every fashionista should have at least one fancy handbag and the Saint Laurent Muse Tote bag is one of them. Among all Saunt Laurent’s bag collection, the muse is considered the first true ‘IT bag’. It was first introduced in February 2006 and captured the eyes of many people. Up until today the bag remain famous and is considered a classic and a timeless. And like all timeless handbags, you will never get disappointed.

The muse is a bag to love, gorgeous style, a nice mixture between the colors of the bag and the hardware. Very elegant and the bag looks great even if you are just 5’3″ tall. The leather gets an A++, it’s feels butter soft and is very attractive. And we all know that the Yves Saint Laurent handbags are famous for its impeccable quality of leather

Like any ‘IT’ bags, the design of the muse is unique. Anyone who is up-to-date of the latest fashion will know that you are sporting a REAL iconic YSL muse bag. The color is in real life more flattering than you see on the pictures. Somehow the colors aren’t as deep and beautiful. You have to see and touch it in person. It’s the perfect bag for casual day in or the night out. The muse is very spacious and can easily carry all your essentials and even your iPad if you want to.

It’s the perfect statement bag that works with your wardrobe as it goes great with every clothing style. Get the Saint Laurent ‘IT’ bag Muse, it will not disappoint you!!!

Saint Laurent Small Muse Leather And Canvas Bag Light Beige
at Luisa Via Roma for $1,550

Saint Laurent Small Muse Leather And Canvas Bag Light Grey
at Luisa Via Roma for $1,550

Saint Laurent Medium Muse Leather And Suede Bag in Black/Beige
at Luisa Via Roma for $2,195

Saint Laurent Medium Muse Leather And Canvas Bag in Light Beige
at Luisa Via Roma for $1,750


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