Fendi Triplette Pouch

Fendi Triplette Pouch thumb

The three-pocket-pouches competition continues. A small shoulder bag with three compartments has always been very intriguing, because it’s cute and handy. The most famous one is now the Celine Trio Pouch, but we think it will always be famous because it’s already widely accepted in the fashion world as ‘The Trio Pouch’. Then Chanel has … Read more

Saint Laurent Bellechasse Bag

Saint Laurent Bellechasse Bag thumb

Straight from Saint Laurent’s latest release, the Bellechasse Bag. This bag might not look so sophisticated, but there is plenty of proof that minimal handbags become classics overtime. Minimalism in solid colors is easier to match with different outfits, so that’s a double plus. Saint Laurent is known for casual chic styles and also impeccable … Read more