Alexander McQueen Legend Bag Campaign

Alexander McQueen Legend Bag Ad Campaign thumb

On its way to become the next big thing, the Alexander McQueen Legend Bag, here’s another snapshot of this beauty. The Legend bag is a big promise; it’s as charming as the Heroine Tote, made with larger compartments and curvier shape. READ: Alexander McQueen Legend Bag Collection Packed with style and charisma, this bag uplift … Read more

Alexander McQueen Spring 2015 Ad Campaign

Alexander McQueen Spring 2015 Ad Campaign thumb

Alexander McQueen will always be Alexander McQueen, introducing sophisticated royal dresses, with a touch of vintage, sexy and daring, ultra feminine accessories. The fashion brand has done a major step in launching the Legend Bag Collection, which we have covered last week. The Classics like the Heroine Bags are already timeless and forever in style, … Read more

Alexander McQueen Legend Bag Collection

Alexander Mcqueen Legend Bag thumb

Besides that we’re still addicted to Alexander McQueen’s Heroine Totes, we haven’t heard much from the brand. That’s until today, from the Resort 2015 Collection, a new bag made by Alexander McQueen, presenting you the ‘Legend Bag’. A powerful name for the confident woman, the Alexander McQueen Legend Bag is not a little cute accessory. … Read more