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  • chanel price increase nov thumb

    Must Haves #1: Chanel Valentine Gifts 2013

    Two days ago I received a special email from a boy who wants to make his girlfriend happy in the upcoming Valentines day. He describe his girlfriend as a...

  • chanel price increase nov thumb

    Lunar And Valentine Gift Ideas 2013

    Two new important events are coming up, the Asian Lunar New Year and the Valentine’s day. Have you already thought about the gift you are going to buy for...

  • chanel price increase nov thumb

    Will Chanel Increase Their Prices in 2013?

    Is that really a question? I think the headline needs some adjustment. Let’s see… Oh yes ‘How much will Chanel increase their prices this year’. The question should never...

  • chanel price increase nov thumb

    Hermes iPhone Cases: How Much Are You Willing To Spend?

    iPhones might one of the most expensive techie phones out there. With great design, features, and… of course terrific prices will deserve its own cover. Fashion lovers (like us),...

  • chanel-diamonds-forever-bag

    Most Expensive Chanel: Diamonds Last Forever

    Girls love DIAMONDS. You can lose everything and the value of your house, car might go down, but diamonds never will. We love diamonds because they are forever. They...

  • chanel price increase nov thumb

    Good Price And Quality: Marc Jacobs Francesca Tote

    If you ask me which Marc Jacob’s classic Q line are my favorites, then no doubt I will tell you it will be Marc Jacobs Francesca tote . I...

  • chanel price increase nov thumb

    Marc Jacobs Hillier Bag: Day To Night

    Too hot to handle, is it? Marc Jacobs call the Hillier an ideal ‘day to day’ bag, but we need to bend that to ‘day to night’. Hillier and...

  • chanel price increase nov thumb

    XXXL: Mulberry Piccadilly Bag

    Chanel has its own Maxi flap, a very large bag that can easily fill up with all your cosmetics. Mulberry have its own, the Mulberry Piccadilly bag. It’s (do...