Chanel Pre-Fall 2018 Seasonal Bag Collection

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Chanel Small Chevron Medal Flap Bag Style code: A57490 Size: 5.5′ x 2.4′ x 7.5′ inches Price: $4100 USD, $5300 CAD, €3650 EURO, £3280 GBP, $6220 SGD, $33500 HKD, $5990 AUD, ¥511920 JPY, ¥29900 CNY, ₩5090000 WON It’s here, the next Metiers D’Art Collection for the year 2018, also known as the Chanel Pre-Fall 2018 … Read more

The So Many Chanel O Cases

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A couple years ago, when we were talking about the Chanel O Case, we mean the Chanel Classic O Case, because there was just ‘one’ type of O Case. But today, there are so many newly-designed O Cases that we’ve lost count. Which one is the iconic one? Which one is the seasonal one? Which … Read more

The So Many Chanel Clutch With Chain

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When the Chanel Clutch With Chain was introduced in 2016, it became clear that it would join the permanent collection just like the WOC. However, its future has not been determined yet, so it’s possible that the Clutch With Chain will be discontinued in the future. But who knows right? The Chanel Chain Clutch Overview … Read more

The Chanel Classic Totes

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It’s now really long time ago, but we will never forget the day when two beautiful classic totes were discontinued. We’re talking about the Petite Shopping Tote (aka PST) and the Grand Shopping Tote (aka GST). The PST and the GST were discontinued in 2013. These bags were seen as one of Chanel’s classics, just … Read more

Chanel Mini Square Camellia Logo Bag

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Instagram @erikalovegungun The Camellia Logo is one of the most beautiful miracles in high fashion. The Camellia Logo O Case and Deauville Camellia Logo Bag are evenly stunning. The Spring Summer 2018 Collection Act 2 is packed with even more styles like the camera bag. But really, it’s the Chanel Mini Square Camellia Logo Bag … Read more