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  • Celine Trapeze Bag Sizes

    Jason Wu Daphne 2 Bag

    Think if your wardrobe as your make-up box, it’s loaded with plenty of colors and accessories – there are things you can’t-live-without, some you do not like at all...

  • Celine Trapeze Bag Sizes

    Celine Mini Trapeze Bag Details

    In life, there two things that can make your heart skips a beat. First is the ‘aha’ moment when you realized that you’ve fallen totally in love. Second is...

  • Celine Trapeze Bag Sizes

    Charlotte Olympia Sunkissed Kitty Slippers

    Where summer goes, fashion follows – Charlotte Olympia’s new summer shoes is all about cream and cats. Kitty design is one of the brand’s signature, wearing a pair of...

  • Celine Trapeze Bag Sizes

    Chanel Fall 2014 Bag Collection Preview

    Because, at all times, we need to stay ahead of the curve, way ahead… even before Chanel shows them on their website, presenting a preview of Chanel Fall 2014...

  • Celine Trapeze Bag Sizes

    Alexander Wang Opanca Bag Collection

    You know, fashion is the reflection of your personality and how you think. You like traditional stuff? Fuck what everyone thinks and go get a vintage bag. You like...

  • Celine Trapeze Bag Sizes

    Dior Addict Shopping Tote Details

    You can glam your way down the crowded streets carrying one of Dior’s most beloved tote bags, like the Lady Dior or the Diorissimo. You know, I know and...

  • Celine Trapeze Bag Sizes

    Chanel High Boots with Socks

    How clever, lovely and amazing, I like these shoes, especially because they come with free socks (like CHANEL said in one of their blog post: ‘Socks included’), but these...

  • Celine Trapeze Bag Sizes

    Gucci Travel Bag 2014 Collection

    Every girl needs this and every girl needs that, but one thing I am certain we all need is a chunky oversized bag. Perhaps too big or too heavy...