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  • hermes bag to watch thumb

    Dior Mini Addict Bag

    Small, smaller and smallest, here at BRAGMYBAG we’ve a very rare and uncontrollable addiction, we like mini bags. You know, when Celine first dropped the too-cute-to-be-true Trapeze in mini...

  • hermes bag to watch thumb

    Celine Soft Pouch Eyelet Handbag

    And when you think that you’ve seen it all, another rock will hit your face. Ouch! Is there a limitation in fashion? Perhaps it’s only in our mind, the...

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    Balenciaga Le Dix Cabas M Bag

    The Balenciaga Le Dix Bags still have a long way to go, but one thing I am certain; they’re getting better and better. The Le Dix’s are femininely stylish...

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    Chanel Orange Classic Flap Tote

    A bag that gets more compliment than the popular girl in high school, it’s been loved months before its release, it’s orange and at first-look, makes you confused whether...

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    Tory Burch x Born Free Reversible Canvas Tote

    Hey, before you ‘click away’, hear what I’ve to say… Tory Burch is teaming up with Born Free, an institution working on Africa Free HIV project. Basically this organization’s...

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    Louis Vuitton Louise PM Bag For Summer 2014

    Sweeter than colorful candies, prettier than Cinderella, brighter than the morning rainbow, it makes you wanna work extra hours to enlarge your shopping budget, will you work for bags?...

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    Two Iconic Chanel Bags In Europe

    There is absolutely nothing better than a well-deserved productive shopping spree, that is, when your dream finally come true, that’s when everything you’ve planned out – works like a...

  • hermes bag to watch thumb

    Loewe Origami Pillow Bag

    Here you have Loewe’s latest invention, from the Origami Collection that consists of three different bags. We showed you the Cubo Bag previously and also announced the arrival of...