Louis Vuitton Cour Marly Bag

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Louis Vuitton Cour Marly Bag in PM Size Whenever I look at the new Louis Vuitton Cour Marly Bag, I can’t stop thinking about the City Steamer One Handle Bag. Perhaps it’s because of the color or the shape that’s quite similar. Or perhaps it’s the studs and the hardware that makes me think they’re … Read more

Louis Vuitton Ponthieu Bag

Louis Vuitton Ponthieu Bag thumb

A lovely bag named after a small but historic place in France. Ponthieu is located in Northern France and it’s where the kings of France and England have fought in the past. Ponthieu has now merged to become part of the Picardy Province. So carrying this beautiful lady’s bag is like holding a piece of … Read more