Louis Vuitton Introducing New Backpack Collection

louis vuitton backpacks fall 2014 thumb

The trend of backpacks continue to climb, in fact, it’s so popular that Louis Vuitton decided to launch an entire new line. Obviously, they couldn’t ignore the fact that, backpacks have become hotter than the volcano. Perhaps Chanel started this hype, with their graffiti backpacks that changed the way we dress. I mean, what’s cooler … Read more

Chanel Coco Cocoon Backpack

Chanel Coco Cocoon Backpack thumb

A like-used backpack with graffiti paint, attached with high school-like charms and tags is the ultimate street-style of the 21-century, if we are talking about the Chanel Graffiti Backpack of course. It also creates a ‘youth and ‘rebel image, and that’s fine if you like to tell that story, but if you are an accountant … Read more

Dior Rivage Pouch

Dior Panareau Rivage Pouch Black thumb

It’s not very long ago that DIOR made a life-changing decision. Well life-changing? Perhaps not for DIOR, but for us it is. So what did DIOR do? They have changed the look of the Dior Panarea Tote Bag without the asking the opinions of their fans. Some love it and others do not, especially those … Read more

Chanel Backpacks: The New Trend

Chanel Bag Packs thumb

Somehow our brains are connecting backpacks to high school, remember the old days… they were, not the sexiest, but certainly the most convenient bag you can find – plenty of room, always a front-pocket (I usually put my wallet or pencil box there) and when carrying on your back, it doesn’t feel as heavy as … Read more

Dior Addict Shopping Tote Details

Dior addicts shopping bag thumb

You can glam your way down the crowded streets carrying one of Dior’s most beloved tote bags, like the Lady Dior or the Diorissimo. You know, I know and everyone knows the elegant traditional ‘cannage’ stitching, made from the finest leather and put together by highly skilled craftsmanship. Even a cavewoman, isolated from the real … Read more