Fendi Bag Bugs Backpacks

Fendi Bag Bug Backpack thumb

Just imagine. What would our lives be without chocolates, shoes and… Italian artisan. It would be like living on the moon with an unlimited credit card. As we’ve said earlier, backpacks are become more and more popular, the Fendi Bag Bugs Backpack is another proof for our statement. Usually the shape and the functionality are … Read more

Fendi FF Baguette Airpods Cover

Fendi FF Baguette Airpods Cover thumb

What if there is an Airpods Cover that looks like a Classic Bag? That’s what these Fendi Airpods Cover is all about. It looks like a bag! This mini beauty is simple. It comes with a front flap that features vivid stitches. The front also comes with the iconic FF logo. This Baguette Airpods Cover … Read more