Chanel Embroidered Multicolor Airpods Cases

Chanel Embroidered Multicolor Airpods Cases thumb

How much do you love your Airpods? Keeping them safe and clean is very important, but how about stylish? That’s why Chanel has created these Chanel Airpods Cases. They’re made in leather and embroidered with Crochet. The body is enriched with beautiful multicolor in horizontal lines and it opens like a little flap bag. There … Read more

Chanel Airpods Cases Are Coming

Chanel Airpods Cases Are Coming thumb

There are some good news comings, if you’ve seen the Chanel Fall 2020 Runway Bag Collection article, there was a hidden fashion piece that one of the models was carrying. This fashion piece is Chanel’s upcoming release; an Airpods case. This case was hiding behind the model’s dress and it was only showed one time. … Read more

Chanel Cases With Accessories

Chanel Cases With Accessories thumb

The Cruise 2020 Collection is about reinventing the Classic Bags by adding more pockets. This new Case looks very similar to the famous O Case (below is a link with review about this Case). But it’s re-designed to make it fancier and much more useful thanks to the extra accessories that have been embellished. And … Read more

The Best Chanel Phone Cases Of This Year

The Best Chanel Phone Cases Of This Year thumb

Chanel has been one of the frontrunners in fashion and tech. The collaboration with Monster Headphones in 2014 was not an accident. Chanel understood the changes that were coming in the future. Fashion tech is going to be the new trend and so the French fashion house created one of the first Phone Cases in … Read more