Chanel Deauville Studded Logo O Case

Chanel Deauville Studded Logo O Case thumb

The Deauville Bag Collection is growing very fast. Just this week, we announced the new design with studs. Yes, the Deauville Studded Shopping Bag and now there is already an O Case version crafted. So meet the Chanel Deauville Studded Logo O Case Bag, it’s urban-love baby! The Design No longer dominates Canvas the Deauville … Read more

Chanel Deauville Studded Logo Tote Bag

Chanel Deauville Studded Logo Tote Bag thumb

Instagram @enigma.fl Oh, did we tell you about the expansion of the Deauville Collection? Yes, now it includes the Clutch With Chain Bag, Classic Wallets and even O Cases. But there’s more! Instead of the colorful and canvas-soft Deauville, you can also temporary get the Chanel Studded Logo Deauville Tote Bag. It’s exclusively available for … Read more

Chanel Deauville O Cases

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The Deauville is growing into a full collection with handbags and accessories. We’ve just covered the new Deauville Clutch With Chain Bag and now the Deauville O Cases are joining the team for the Cruise 2018 collection. And for those that do not know yet – Deauville handbags are all crafted in Canvas. The Design … Read more

Chanel Deauville Wallets

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If you can remember, we talked about the Deauville Clutch With Chain extensively. We have also told you that the Deauville Line consisted only of a few tote bags, but now it has been expanded with these brand-new Chanel Deauville Wallets. Now caution, because these are not regular wallets, but they’re classic wallets coated with … Read more

Chanel Deauville Clutch With Chain

Chanel Deauville Clutch With Chain thumb

Remember when the first Deauville handbag came out? It was a large but distinctive colorful tote and everyone loved it. The name Deauville is inspired by a seaside resort in France and whenever you think about Chanel + Deauville, you can expect a bright handbag made in Canvas. Now introducing the first-ever Chanel Deauville Clutch … Read more