Chanel Classic Tray Coin Purse With Chain

Chanel Classic Tray Coin Purse With Chain thumb

Sometimes it’s okay to treat yourself a nice accessory, because you deserve it. Take a look at the Chanel Classic Tray Coin Purse With Chain. It’s introduced for the Spring Summer 2021 Collection. It’s chic and useful too. The body is diamond quilted with grained calfskin. The center is refined with a nice CC logo … Read more

Chanel Diamond Small Leather Goods Collection

Chanel Diamond Small Leather Goods Collection thumb

Notice the gem of the Fall Winter 2020 Collection is the Diamond Bag Collection. We have already featured the big bags, but did we also mentioned about the small leather goods? You know, the Clutch With Chain, The little Belt Bag and other coin purses, all in the shape of diamond. These mini accessories are … Read more

Chanel Coin Purse Bracelets

Chanel Coin Purse Bracelets thumb

When Louis Vuitton released the Party Bag Bracelets, we knew they were into something. No doubt, it’s the new trend. When we thought that bags couldn’t get smaller than ‘nano’ or ‘micro’ sizes, Louis Vuitton created a extra tiny miniatures for carrying on your wrist. Now Chanel is about to launch their own full collection, … Read more


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Chanel Fall Winter 2019 Seasonal Bag Collection Act 2

Chanel fw collection act

The Pre-Fall Winter 2019 was just a starter; the main dish will be served in this Chanel Fall Winter 2019 Collection. We see new beautiful seasonal handbags in different shapes and form, but classic looking so that it never goes out of fashion. Now without further much talk, let’s cover the details of these gorgeous … Read more