Must Haves #7: Mulberry Choc Bayswater

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Must Haves #7: Mulberry Choc Bayswater

Must Haves #7: Mulberry Choc Bayswater


So far you might have notice that I only picked the ‘classics’, ‘timeless’ and the ‘IT’ bags. That’s no surprise, because you can’t go wrong with the classics right? But knowing that the bag is classic is not enough for you to make a wise buying decision. How about the colors, materials and sizes?

There are bags that are made for everyday use, work, travel, shopping and formal events, but the Mulberry Choc Bayswater is designed for the university life. Made from smooth natural leather and still durable and tough can help drag you through from freshman to the graduating year. It should be roomy enough with a size of 26.5 x 36 x 16 cm for all your books that is needed for the day and some extra space for your iPad. Belief me that the Bayswater can hold some load.

The bag keep its shape and it is still a perfect bag to carry on daily basis after your graduation. The bag is priced around $1,250 USD while you can get an another university bag for less than $100. But if you are girl + student + fashionista, then probably you can’t help it. Maybe you can reward yourself because you have worked hard for your grade, right?

The bag is available at site.

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