How To Sell Your Chanel Bag Online

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How To Sell Your Chanel Bag Online

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How To Sell Your Chanel Bag Online


Are you considering or have you ever considered selling your Chanel bag? Were you anxious about making a decision and going through the processes? And so how to actually sell your Chanel bag online? If you have don’t feel discouraged because there are plenty of reasons to be a little hesitant about selling your bag. There are so many scam artists in this industry that buying and selling online is extremely risky.

When you’re on the consumer side of the table you’re anxious about purchasing a fake bag, or a bag that’s not in the condition it was promised to be in. Staying on the lookout for scammers when you’re selling online is also just as crucial. Always be vigilant about who exactly you’re selling to. It’s hard to trace buyers from other countries, and it’s especially hard to trace buyers who are really scam artists.

Here are few situations that could occur when selling to a scammer.

1. One situation that could happen is that the transaction goes over well, but the “buyer” reports to eBay that they have not received the bag. Here, the scammer is making it seem as if you are actually the scammer. It’s a stressful scenario considering that eBay can’t actually verify that the customer received the bag.

2. Selling to skeptical buyers can be quite stressful. There’s not much worse than having a potential buyer who takes long to complete the transaction because they’re skeptical. You can’t really blame them, however. With all the scammers on the web that are selling fake Chanel bags online, it’s smart to be a bit skeptical. This also can be a tough situation to deal with.

3. The bag gets lost in transit. This is quite possibly one of the hardest, most nerve wracking situations to encounter. I’m sure most of the employees at customs offices know the value of Chanel handbags. They wouldn’t have a problem with just taking it for themselves. So what’s the solution if this happens? Well, you could report it at the office, but most of these places have limited liabilities.

4. The buyer is not willing to pay. You may come across some buyers who simply want you to send the bag before they pay. I’m sorry, but most business transactions don’t work that way. The thing with these people is that if you did send the bag out before they paid, they wouldn’t pay. This type of situation is actually common. Whatever you do, don’t send out your Chanel bag without some form of payment.

5. The last scenario to be on the lookout for is when the buyer claims they are not satisfied with your bag. They’ll go through all of the protocol of returning the bag, but instead of it being your bag, they return a fake bag. There’s technically nothing you can do in this type of situation.

With that being said, consider a few tips to help you when selling your Chanel handbag online.

1. Sell your Chanel bag online to a local buyer. Meet up with the buyer, and talk to them. Even visit a Chanel boutique so that you can verify the authenticity of your bag. This should speed up the process of the transaction. Make sure both exchanges happen simultaneously.

2. Be sure that your Chanel bag is insured. Yes, you can insure your bag. if your bag is insured it makes dealing with the above scenarios a lot easier, if they do happen to you.

3. Instead of using PayPal or eBay, I use IBAN. It’s not a requirement, but I find it easier than both PayPal and eBay. If you’re selling your bag abroad, send it first to someone you trust in that country and have them contact the buyer.

4. Sell your bag to a local consignment store. This is probably the easiest way to sell your Chanel bag. You’ll have money right away, and you’ll have the guarantee that your bag is in the hands of trustworthy people.

5. Sell your bag to well-known Chanel lovers on sites like this one. There are plenty of communities where handbag aficionados hang out discussing their love of bags. There is less of a risk in selling to them because most likely they’re reputable, active members of the forums.

So tell me what you think? Do you find it a little easier to sell your handbag, now? I really hope so.


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