Hermes Airsilk Backpacks


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Hermes Airsilk Backpacks

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Hermes Airsilk Backpacks


Sometimes we cannot judge a bag just by its look. We need to get to know the bag better before we can appreciate it. So we’re here to explain that the Hermes Airsilk Backpack is not just about the appearance, it’s more than that. Let’s judge this book beyond its cover.

The line between fashion and innovation has become thinner in this modern century. When Loewe created the puzzle bag, it was made for two purposes; to carry it multiple ways and to be able to fold it, so it can save you space when hiding. And you must have heard about the Hermes Halzan Bag, don’t you? This bag is a clutch bag, shoulder bag, hobo bag and tote bag in ONE. Oh, and how about the reversible tote bags? They’re all clever designs.

The Design


The backpack can be transformed into a small pillow-sized transportable item

The Hermes Airsilk Backpack is a master creation. The print might overwhelm you, but it’s called Cavalcadour. This multicolor print is well known inside the Hermes’s world and the look is basically leather buckle straps in different shades and crisscrossing around other straps. The design is catchy, artful and bold. Do you dare to carry it?

There is a purpose in the name; Airsilk. Air refers to feather light (or even better; as light as the air). Silk is how this bag feels. This backpack is purposely crafted to be extremely light so you can transport it without much effort. And it’s done with strong material, so it’s impeccable and high quality.

In case you don’t know this, the main purpose of Hermes was to make a practical backpack, but also fully waterproof. This backpack is not something you HAVE to carry around every time, because you can fold it and then drop it inside your other bag. This backpack can be folded into a small squared pillow and nobody would even notice that it’s actually a bag, a big bag.

The strap of this bag can be adjusted.

Hermes Airsilk Bag protects your other designer bag from the rain

You know the moments when you’re carrying an expensive designer bag and the sky starts to rain. The leather should always avoid rainwater. Now, you can take out the Airsilk Backpack, unfold it and use it to carry and protect the other designer bag.

There are also less expensive solutions. A lot of people use the Longchamp Le Pliage Bag as an alternative.

The Interior

The Hermes Airsilk Backpack is made from waterproof coating, but also Barenia calfskin detailing. The bag is flexible and expandable, so you can overstuff it a bit. There is no front pocket, but when you zip the bag open, you will find one large compartment to store everything you need, including a laptop.

The Sizes And Prices

Measuring 15.7’ x 10.6’ x 5.1’ inches, priced at $1675 USD, €1400 euro, £1290 GBP, ¥261360 JPY via Hermes boutiques.

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