Fendi Cube Bag For Your Winter Wardrobe

Up until now we have seen bags in all sorts of forms and shapes, but what we are really looking for is a bag that’s practical, functional and if possible, makes us obsessed. I mean, that’s when we know that the money is well spend, right? Apart from the timeless master pieces like the peekaboo and 2jours, Fendi has welcomed the new cube bag to their fall and winter 2013 collection.

Fendi’s new cube bag in geometric shape has gone against the modern minimalistic flow, long handles, hidden exterior pocket with a long zip and side wings for the highest efficiency in space to carry your essentials. Put the classic bag on hold and add some Fuchsia flavor to your wardrobe for some excitement. With suede crafted on both ends, its best match with your flared or faux leather coat. No, it’s not an iconic bag (yet), but that’s when your outfit is colored in purple, while everyone is going for black. A true fashionista knows how to separate her personality from a trend. The cube bag is kind-of a Boston bag and is priced at $1,500 and in Europe €980.


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