Discontinued bag #5: Chanel East West Flap

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Discontinued bag #5: Chanel East West Flap

Discontinued bag #5: Chanel East West Flap

Chanel east west bag black

I thought it was worth a moment to remind us of the Chanel east west flap. The bag was considered as the little sister of the Chanel classic flap bag. Some girls simply can’t afford the classic flap bag, so they turn their heads on the East west flap. The style is quite similar, but the price is much lower. We love the E/W flap, so Chanel shame on you for wiping out the bag.

Some memories can’t never be erased. There was a time that I felt I needed the East west flap and figured out it was no longer available in stock. Chanel might have thought that there was simply no room for two timeless classic. Eliminating the East west would give us just one option. Buy the Classic flap bag! Not to mention how many times they have increased their prices.

Knowing the similarity in style and size between the east west flap and the classic medium makes me understand the confusion. They are pretty much look-a-like. Also take in mind that Chanel had the small flap in stock, which is also discontinued.

Chanel east west bag black

The East west flap last price was recorded: $2,300, size: 10’’ x 5.5’’ x 2’’ = medium classic flap is 10’’ x 6’’ x 2.5’’.

A few more words: Chanel east west, we missed you. Do you miss the E/W flap too? Write a comment below.

Chanel east west bag white beige

Chanel east west bag beige

Chanel east west bag white

Chanel east west bag white interior

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22 thoughts on “Discontinued bag #5: Chanel East West Flap”

  1. I am looking for a beige and gold caviar east west flap, let me know if anyone spots one available for sale pre-loved! I have the black silver and absolutely love it in 2020 🙂

    • Hello, I have this bag which I love but might consider selling as I hardly ever use it. What price would you be willing to pay, of course if you are still interested? I bought it in 2006 in New York and have probably used it 10 times, always kept in its bag and the box and is immaculate. Lucy

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