Chanel Trendy CC Bag


Chanel Small Trendy CC Bag Prices
United States 6100 USD
Canada 7500 CAD
Europe 6100 EURO
England 5120 GBP
Singapore 8940 SGD
Hong Kong 47200 HKD
Australia 9390 AUD
Japan 830500 JPY
Malaysia 26830 MYR
China 42600 CNY
Korea 8020000 WON
Thailand 206363 BAHT

Chanel Trendy CC Bag Prices
United States 7000 USD
Canada 8350 CAD
Europe 7150 EURO
England 6000 GBP
Singapore 10110 SGD
Hong Kong 52400 HKD
Australia 10130 AUD
Japan 972400 JPY
Malaysia 30500 MYR
China 48500 CNY
Korea 9360000 WON
Thailand 240909 BAHT

Chanel Large Trendy CC Bag (2020) Prices
United States 7000 USD
Canada 9180 CAD
Europe 5500 EURO
England 4880 GBP
Singapore 9360 SGD
Hong Kong 50400 HKD
Australia 8665 AUD
Japan 760320 JPY
Malaysia 25055 MYR
China 40500 CNY
Korea 7670000 WON

What’s supposed to be a seasonal bag has turned into an ‘IT’ Bag. And now the addiction has become so strong that we can’t get enough of the Chanel Trendy CC Bag. Everything is just so perfect – the design, the look, the interior and the brag.

The Design

Introduced in the Spring 2014 Collection, it was like love at first sight. When the Chanel Trendy CC Bag was finally released in store, everyone wanted to get their hands on it. And because of its rapid-increasing fame, it makes us wonder whether this bag will rival against the Classic Flap Bag one day. It could be, it could be. The Chanel Trendy CC Bag design is kind-of classic mixed with modern style. It features the classic diamond quilting that everyone adores, as well as interwoven chain link with leather strap on the end for comfort. It also embellished with the classic interlocking CC logo on the front. The ‘top handle’ style is even boosted with the signature back pocket (the same back pocket on the reissue 2.55 bag). But what makes the Trendy CC Line so intriguing, attractive and obsessive, is the luxurious signature plate with the house’s name engraved. This signature plate is becoming an icon in the fashion world due to its popularity, and Chanel is also experimenting the signature plate in newer handbags like the recent Click Label Handbags. The Trendy CC plate not only screams CHANEL, but it’s also a sign of high fashion, luxury and quality. The signature plate comes in large size and is crafted on the top of the bag. In that way, it’s easily recognizable especially because of its shine (and in gold hardware) – It’s bragging on its own without any of your effort.

The Styles

The Chanel Trendy CC Collection consists of several styles; top handle, bowling bag and flap bag. Let’s cover each of them.

Chanel Trendy CC Top Handle

Chanel-trendy-cc-top-handle The Chanel Trendy CC Top Handle Bag is the original version of this line and it’s also the bag that most people choose. The top Handle is actually a tote bag but it also comes with a woven chain shoulder strap. So you can carry it in multiple ways; on your hands, on your shoulder or cross body. Comparing to the other styles, the Trendy CC top Handle is the most classic version because it’s also crafted with a flap and the signature back pocket. This bag is functional, practical and easy to use as an everyday companion. The look is just too fabulous to ignore, even for the audience that passes you by. Chanel-Trendy-CC-Top-Handle-Side-2
Chanel Trendy CC Top Handle -The Side

Chanel Trendy CC Top Handle – The Back

The Interior

The beauty of the interior is reflected on the exterior – the sides of the bag are creating a nice and stylish trio-effect, which also contributes to the total look. One of the many reasons that the Chanel Trendy Bag has become so trendy is due to its generous interior. It has three separated compartments. The first one on the top is quite large and has three smaller pockets to structure your essentials. The center features a large empty compartment to store all your bigger items. And finally, the last compartment is the smallest, but it comes with a zip pocket for more important necessities. The interior is big enough to make the bag your daily workbag. It’s also great for casual days and special occasions as well like weddings and important meetings.

The Sizes

From Left To Right: Large, Small, Medium

Styles Style Code Sizes
Chanel Small Trendy CC Bag A92236 6.7’ x 9.8’ x 4.7’ inches
Chanel Trendy CC Bag A69923 7.5’ x 11.8’ x 4.7’ inches
Chanel Large Trendy CC Bag A92237 10.2’ x 12.2’ x 6.3’ inches

Chanel Trendy CC Bowling Bag

Chanel-Trendy-CC-Bowling-Bag For those that are looking for bigger sizes with more room in the interior, then Chanel Trendy CC Bowling Bag is a better option. However, I find the Top Handle version more lady-like, but the Bowling version is a much better workbag or travel bag. The Chanel Trendy CC Bowling Bag doesn’t feature a front flap; instead it comes with an easy-accessible front pocket. This pocket is excellent if you have essentials that you need to grab instantly without barriers like zippers. Imagine putting your flight ticket there when travelling or other papers. The front is also boosted with the interlocking CC logo and the interior can be opened and closed with zippers. While the sides are designed in smooth leather, the front and back are both equipped with chic diamond quilting. And of course, the signature plate has been put on the top, supporting the handle. You can hold the bag in multiple ways as it comes with a woven chain shoulder strap. Grab the bag by hand on the handles or sling the strap on your shoulder or cross body. Chanel-Trendy-CC-Bowling-Bag-Side
Chanel Trendy CC Bowling Bag – The Side

The Interior

The inside of the Trendy CC Bowling Bag is simpler but it has more room. It just features one large compartment and it’s so big that you can fit a large laptop. It also comes with several pockets on the front for your mini essentials like pen, wallets, agenda and other smaller accessories.

The Sizes

Styles Style Code Sizes
Chanel Small Trendy CC Bowling Bag A92238 6.3’ x 10.6’ x 5.5’ inches
Chanel Large Trendy CC Bowling Bag A69924 8.3’ x 11.8’ x 5.5’ inches

Chanel Trendy CC Flap Bag

Chanel-Trendy-CC-Shoulder-Bag The Flap Bag version of the Chanel Trendy CC is a gorgeous and trendy bag, but it’s very similar to the Top Handle version. If you put them next to each other, it’s like the only missing component is the handle. The biggest difference is that the Flap Bag version is a bit bigger in length and perhaps it slings nicer without those handles. The Chanel Trendy CC Flap bag is made with a front flap and interlocking CC logo on the front. It’s also crafted with the signature plate on the top. The sides also look smaller than the Top Handle version, because the interior is smaller and it should weight less. The back does come with a back pocket and it feels more flexible, like a pouch bag with chain. But overall, it’s a very chic lady-like handbag. ©CHANEL
Chanel Trendy CC Shoulder Bag – The Side

The Interior

The Flap Bag version of the Trendy CC is made with two compartments. The front is made with several smaller pockets to structure your essentials. The back is another compartment with a zip pocket for essentials that need more security.

The Sizes


Styles Style Code Sizes
Chanel Trendy CC Shoulder Bag A92235 6.9’ x 10.2’ x 2.4’ inches

The Colors

From Left to Right: Black, Pink, Green, Blue, Navy, Metallic Gold

From Left to Right: Red, Beige, Yellow


From Left to Right: Lambskin, Metallic Lambskin


From Left to Right: Gold, Silver, Black On Black, Ruthenium, Bi-color

Now let us know in the comments which one you like!
  • Monika Jodhani



    March 30, 2021
  • Sue


    Hi, does anyone know if the mediem trendy spirit is different from the regular one?

    January 16, 2021
    • Cynthia


      Hi Sue, can you clarify more? The Chanel Medium Trendy Spirit?

      February 6, 2021
  • Jane


    Is this bag available black color with silver hardware and in small size?

    October 21, 2019
  • Natalie


    Is trendy cc only made with lambskin leather?

    September 26, 2019
  • sue


    my favorite is the black on black

    March 3, 2019

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