Chanel Spring Summer 2015 Classic And Boy Bag Collection


Chanel Denim Patchwork Small Boy Flap Bag
Style code: A92866
Size: 4.7′ x 8.1′ x 3.3′ inches
Price: $4400 USD, €3000 euro, £2365 GBP


Chanel Denim Patchwork Medium Boy Flap Bag
Style code: A92867
Size: 5.7′ x 10′ x 3.5′ inches
Price: $4600 USD, €3150 euro, £2,485 GBP

Chanel moves fast.

Very fast.

Faster than you can spend. I mean, Chanel just dropped the Spring Summer 2015 Collection act 1 last month (February) and this week, they’ve released the Spring Summer 2015 Collection act 2.

It’s only good if you haven’t max out your credit card on the first collection, because there are bags in the second collection that you can only dream of.

Well, like usual, here are our high lights:

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Chanel Small Boy Chained Flap Bag
Style code: A92871
Size: 4.7′ x 8.1′ x 3.3′ inches
Price: $5400 USD, €3790 euro, £2985 GBP

For the Chanel Boy Chained Flap Bag, I want to send you a reminder. You haven’t forgot about the Chanel Boy Bag Enchained right?

Yes, the beautiful and bold shoulder bag, with large and small chains on the front flap. If you have the ‘enchained’ version, then this Boy Chained Flap Bag is a ‘must have’ to complete your collection.

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Chanel Small Boy Flower Power Flap Bag (right)
Style code: A90802
Size: 4.5′ x 7.9′ x 2.8′ inches
Price: $5300 USD, €3750 euro, £2955 GBP

Chanel Medium Boy Flower Power Flap Bag (left)
Style code: A90803
Size: 5.5′ x 9.8′ x 3.1′ inches
Price: $5900 USD, €4200 euro, £3310 GBP

You know those jeans in your wardrobe? It’s time to take them out and match them with Chanel Graffiti Boy Flap Bags. We have already seen them on the runway, but they are now available to take-it-home.

These bags are lovely, but you need to love multicolored graffiti styles. It’s perfect for the casual days – add some touch of Chanel into your street wear.


Chanel Extra Mini Chevron Flap Bag
Style code: A65050
Size: 3.9′ x 6.7′ x 3′ inches
Price: $2400 USD, €1600 euro, £1405 GBP


Chanel Chevron Medium Boy Flap Bag
Style code: A92859
Size: 6.5′ x 11′ x 3.3′ inches
Price: $5200 USD, €3450 euro, £2720 GBP

For the newest Chevron Flap Bag, I am speechless. The colors are so fine – pure feminine for the spring and summer. I love the golden hardware, the CC, I am melting.

And for those that also love Chevron Bags, Chanel has them also in boy collection.

So let us know, which one is your favorite?


Chanel Small Velvet Calfskin Flap Bag with Interlaced Leather trim
Style code: A92875
Size: 5.9′ x 8.7′ x 2.2′ inches
Price: $3600 USD, €2500 euro, £1970 GBP


Chanel Velvet Calfskin Flap Bag with Interlaced Leather trim
Style code: A92876
Size: 6.3′ x 10.2′ x 2.4′ inches
Price: $3800 USD, €2650 euro, £2090 GBP


Chanel Boy Chevron Shopping Bag
Style code: A92861
Size: 9.8′ x 14.2′ x 6.3′ inches
Price: $5000 USD, €3350 euro, £2640 GBP


Chanel Chevron Classic Flap Bag
Style code: A01112
Size: 6.3′ x 10′ x 3′ inches
Price: $4900 USD, €3550 euro, £3075 GBP


Chanel Large Chevron Shopping Bag
Style code: A67880
Size: 11.6′ x 14.8′ x 4.3′ inches
Price: $5500 USD, €3750 euro, £3200 GBP


Chanel Flower Power Extra Mini Flap Bag
Style code: A92852
Size: 3.7′ x 6.7′ x 1.8′ inches
Price: $3400 USD, €2390 euro, £1885 GBP


Chanel Strass Classic Flap Bag
Style code: A94230
Size: 6.3′ x 9.8′ x 3.1′ inches
Price: Unknown


Chanel Hand-Painted Classic Flap Bag
Style code: A01112
Size: 6.3′ x 10′ x 3′ inches
Price: $8000 USD


Chanel Floral Tweed Chevron Classic Flap Bag
Style code: A01112
Size: 6.3′ x 10′ x 3′ inches
Price: $3400 USD, €2300 euro, £1815 GBP


  1. Zenella Beverly April 18, 2017 Reply

    What do you think about the Coco Handle Chanel in the Quilted Classic print vs the new style that is coming out in Chevron it will be Caviar. The style now in that bag is a Caviar but Quilted. Your opinion? I kind of like the quilted pattern due to the Chevron looks good to me in the smooth leather or lambskin. I will purchase the Coco Chanel Handle just need an opinion.

    • Nicky April 20, 2017 Reply

      The diamond quilting feels more classic than the chevron imo. You also need to consider the touch of the bag. Caviar leather is much more harder than calfskin.

  2. Tracy December 11, 2015 Reply

    Do you know what colors the Chevron Boy Bag in calfskin come in? What about lambskin?

  3. valentina July 10, 2015 Reply

    There is only one size for the chanel floral tweed? In italy only one, in usa? Thank you

    • Cynthia July 11, 2015 Reply

      Hi Valentina, there is only one size for as far as we know. This is a seasonal piece.

  4. Lynn July 8, 2015 Reply


    I am heading to London for a day trip soon. Planning to get old medium quilted boy bag in black, with ruthenium hardware, and also helping a friend to buy the same bag. Has anyone seen them in store?
    I am planning to visit the New Bond Street store. or they have better stocks in other stores?
    Is the classic mini square bag come back in store yet? I heard they are available in Paris but not London.
    Planning to get a beige square bag too. Please help!

  5. Wanda May 19, 2015 Reply

    hi Cynthia, thank you for your reply. yes, just this one

    • Cynthia May 20, 2015 Reply

      This bag is indeed seasonal and will be discontinued as the season is over. This bag is rare because of its print, many people usually buy the classics. This bag is just like the Classic Flap Bag, they have the jumbo size. If the jumbo doesn’t fit your requirement, then only the totes are a solution.

  6. Wanda May 12, 2015 Reply

    I’m quite interested in the Chanel boy flower power bag, but it’s space is so limited that only a few items can be taken. On the other hand, since this pattern is so seasonal, I am wondering if it will be out of fashion very soon. So what do you think of this bag? Thank you so much!!!

    • Cynthia May 12, 2015 Reply

      Hi Wanda, the boy flower bag? Which bag is it? Do you have a picture?

      • Wanda May 19, 2015 Reply

        thank you Cynthia, I just post this picture above this comment, sorry for my mistake~

  7. Gillian April 8, 2015 Reply

    I would like to get a Chanel bag. I love the classic bag and the boy bag black too. I can’t decide which one that I should buy.i wanna have it n wanna use it long term. I am 5′ tall. Can u tell me which one is better for me?

    Will I be able to find the boy flap medium black previous year season in Paris?

    • Mello April 11, 2015 Reply

      My advice is to start with the Classic Flap Bag, you can never go wrong with that bag. Later on, you can always get the boy bag. The permanent Quilted Boy Bags are always available, but not the seasonal from last year.

  8. Kim April 4, 2015 Reply


    Do you know whether this Summer Spring 2015 collection Act 2 are available for sale in Paris at the moment?
    My friend went there last week and she wanted a so black chevron, and the Same said this collection is only available on 7th April?!

    Do you think it will be increased after the 8th? Thanks so much!

    • Author
      Alex April 5, 2015 Reply

      Hi Kim, the SA doesn’t know what she is saying. The SS2015 Act 2 Collection is now available in store and not after 7th April. The Chevron might increase because its actually the classic flap bag in other style.

  9. joanna April 2, 2015 Reply

    hi, I am very struggling right now, because I am quite interested in the new chanel chained boy flap in medium size , it is so cool ,but it is quite expensive, and I also love l the classic Chevron flap in black ,it is so classic, which one do u think is a better investment since I only save the money for one bag…by the way, I’ve got the reissue 266 in black, I just want a 2nd chanel bag. thank u

    • CC April 5, 2015 Reply

      Hi Joanna, its a hard decision. In my opinion, the reissue 266 and the Chevron Flap Bag and the Classic Flap Bag is kind-of the same bag type but different style. If you want totally different, then go for the Chanel Chained Boy Flap Bag.

      Even better, if you want to think in terms of investment, why not the Chanel Boy Chevron Flap Bag?

  10. Susanna April 1, 2015 Reply

    My friend will be heading to Paris this Friday and I asked her to get a chevron boy Medium in black. Since the price will increase on 4/8, do you think she is able to find one in store?

    • Lily April 2, 2015 Reply

      I think they will have, try a lot of Chanel stores, including the 31 Rue Cambon.

  11. Pearl March 25, 2015 Reply

    What is the price now for a 20cm Chevron mini in Italy? Will the price go up after April 8?

    • Author
      Alex March 26, 2015 Reply

      All the classic will go up, including the extra mini. We think te chevron mini will also go up.

      • Mina March 30, 2015 Reply

        how much is it in Canada

        • Alex March 31, 2015 Reply

          Hi Mina, we do not have the prices in CAD right now.

          • Anonymous April 1, 2015

            how about in us? Thank you

          • Alex April 2, 2015

            Hi Mina, the extra mini will be priced: $2400 USD

  12. Jess March 23, 2015 Reply

    I’m wondering if chanel boy enchained without tweed is still avaliable in stores in Germany. Think it’s 2013 collection.
    Thank u

    • Lily March 23, 2015 Reply

      No its not. I didn’t see this bag, I think its temporary discontinued.

  13. Joanna March 17, 2015 Reply

    I am travelling soon to Germany and would hope to get a reissue 226. Do you know if the reissue is hard to come by or if they are always in stock? I am afraid everything will be low stock before the price increase 🙁

    • CC March 18, 2015 Reply

      Hi Joanna, I have never heard anyone having problem purchasing the reissue 226. However, what color do you want?

      • Joanna March 18, 2015 Reply

        Black with gold hardware, I can even consider ruthenium 🙂

        • CC March 19, 2015 Reply

          I don’t think there is a problem finding this bag, but can you find it in your size. Chanel prices in Europe will increase very soon.

  14. hendrik March 12, 2015 Reply


    do you think is worth it value if I buy Chanel Hand-Painted Classic Flap Style code: A01112 for invesment ? I am thinking to keep as collection and perhaps I will selling in future .
    is the price will be going up considering seasonal bag or decline?

    • Didi March 12, 2015 Reply

      Hmmm I am not sure, the price is $8000 USD. It’s more expensive than the quilted classic flap bag. For how long do you want to keep before selling?

      • hendrik March 17, 2015 Reply

        I was thinking keep it until end of the season, the idea is keeping as a rare bag collection. But, considering the price so high maybe you right. I am not sure either.

        • Didi March 17, 2015 Reply

          What do you like about that bag? Because of the print?

          • hendrik March 19, 2015

            yes, because of the print and it looks so incredible special, so different. it’s like a bag with an art feeling. well, that’s my opinion.

          • Didi March 19, 2015

            I understand what you mean, have you seen it in real-life? But I think the quilted version in black are quicker to sell, the limited colors of the classic flap bags will increase very quickly in price too. I am not sure about prints.

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