Chanel Price Increase Over The Years


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Chanel Price Increase Over The Years

Chanel Price Increase Over The Years


If you’ve bought a Chanel Classic Bag early on and you are aware of the current prices, then I have to say: ‘you deserve that smile on your face’. The higher the prices go, the more you fall in love. But have you ever wondered, how much your Chanel Classic Bag cost last year, five years or ten years ago?

Price increases can be frustrating, especially for those who are saving money, chasing their dream bag and trying to keep up with the price. Each price increase must feel like a ‘nightmare’.

But price increases can work for you, those who are smart enough to invest in 2008 have seen the prices go up as fast as a rollercoaster goes down – since 2008, the prices have increased with more than $2,000 USD. Investing in a Chanel Classic Bag is safer than investing in the stock market as Chanel bags will only go up in prices and never go down, regardless of the economy.

I can throw ten reasons at those who are still waiting for the right moment, actually – today is the right moment, can you bare another price increase over a few months?

But let’s get the facts straight, check out the prices from 1955 to 2014 for the Chanel (reissue) 2.55 size 225.

The Chanel Reissue 2.55 Size 255 is comparable to the Chanel Medium Classic Flap Bag:


So what are your thoughts?

Ten Reason To Kick A Chanel Bag In Your Wardrobe

1. Chanel Classic Bags ‘never’ go on sales, the longer you wait, the deeper the hole in your pocket.

2. Chanel Classic Bags are always on-demand, it has always been – for 50 years or so, take another look at the graph. 1950, which year are we living, oh 2014 =).

3. For a decent quality and less expensive bag, you will need to spend at least $200 USD nowadays. Usually these bags fall apart after 3 years or so (mine was less than 2 years) and the warranties are limited. But sum them all up and you can get a top quality, beautiful Chanel bag. If you ever need repair, the Chanel boutique is ready to serve you.

4. Because the value will only go up in the future, just like diamonds and gold, you can pass the Chanel bag to your daughter, what’s a better memorable gift?

5. Investing in a Chanel Classic Bag is better than the stock market, it will never drop in value, unless you abuse it. So start reminding your hubby about the ‘Return On Investment’ before you go shopping.

6. Unlike stocks and other investments, you can actually ‘use’ the bag. An accessory that go up in value and you can use it whenever you want, sounds like a perfect combination for the fashionista.

7. You can learn a lot about fashion if you own a Chanel bag, first it has a rich history and it’s part of Coco Chanel (and Karl Lagerfeld)’s creation. Study the refinement, the stitches and the details.

8. Only limited people can afford and own a Chanel bag today, the Classic Bags are usually sold-out. This will even get worse in the future.
9. Chanel Classic Bags are the most coveted fashion pieces in the world of fashion, it goes with almost everything you have in your wardrobe.

10. And the most important reason: ‘You just need it in your life’.

I belief the tenth reason is the most realistic one.

The purpose of this post is to give you a deep insight of the historical prices of the Chanel bags – in the past 6 years or more. The last price increase occurred in May 2014.


How frequent does Chanel increase prices

It depends, from experience, they increase prices two or three times a year. Rarely do they increase one time . It usually happens in end of January or the first week of February, around the summer times and at the end of the year, in December. Chanel never give any warning, this will spoil the game, doesn’t. They never give the exact date or tell you when, even the information from your SA are just speculation.

Why Does Chanel Raise Prices?

Is it bullying?

No it’s not.

But we can talk about this subject all day long, let us just highlight a few reasons.

One major cause is the inflation, basic economics – there is a high demand on quality raw materials, more demand means higher prices. If Chanel is paying a higher price for the lambskin leather, they will compensate the loss with your wallet.

Secondly, the cost of labor has gone up, your iconic Chanel bag is probably made in France, Italy or in rare occasion – Spain. We should be proud that their bags are still made in Europe, only then we can be certain of its quality.

Third reason is what I think, a marketing strategy. Price increases should drive customers way, but for Chanel, it works the opposite. The more we need to pay, the more we gossip and the circle of Chanel fans keeps getting bigger.

So tell us what you think about the Chanel prices? Overwhelming or reasonable?

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