Chanel Pocket Box Bag


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Chanel Pocket Box Bag

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Chanel Pocket Box Bag


Everyone has weaknesses and I have them too. I will completely forget about my lose-weight program if you put delicious cupcakes on the table. I am caution about spending, that is, until you drop me at Champ Elysees and unlock my unlimited credit card. And my biggest weakness is… not even my favorite food, but CHANEL.

How will the world be without Chanel?

Don’t ask me that question, I can’t image!


Well let’s imagine!

Imagine you’re dreaming and you walked into a Chanel boutique. The SA greets you with an honest smile and guide you a table. She grabs a few handbags and put them on the table, which color would you choose?

The Chanel Pocket Box Bag is kind-of the Camera Bag attached to a small Chanel pouch. It’s made with a boxy shape, embellished with a flap and CC logo on the front. The bag can be carried with woven chain link and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

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What you didn’t know…

The Chanel Pocket Box Bag comes in different color like red, yellow, black, blue and even green. It’s available in two sizes, small and extra small. You can get this bag in patent leather, nice and shine!

And here are the details:

Chanel Pocket Box Small Bag
Style code: A94206
Size: 4.7′ x 7.1′ x 3.9′ inches
Price Small: $3100 USD, €2090 euro, £1760 GB

The price is all right, but would you consider investing in this bag?

Pictures courtesy of: parisluxeonline

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2 thoughts on “Chanel Pocket Box Bag”

  1. i recently got one in purple , lavender color, very sweet color , even it doesn’t fit my iPhone plus, it is a eye candy for me !!!!


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