Chanel Boy Large Stitched Quilted Bag

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Chanel Boy Large Stitched Quilted Bag

Chanel Boy Large Stitched Quilted Bag


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Be prepared when hunting for the Boy Bag, because there is a new version in town. And if you’re done with diamond or chevron quilting and you’re looking for a distinctive design, then this new Boy might be the one to take home with. For those that are interested, this is a Spring Summer 2018 Collection design. It’s a seasonal style and might be around for very long. So get it while its still here.

The Design

The Boy is the Boy, the basic details will never change. Like the large boyish chain, the iconic Boy Clasp or it’s beautiful shape. Even the interior has been unchanged.

But let’s look at the new components. This Boy isn’t made with diamond quilting, but instead it’s crafted with the large stitch quilting crossing one over the other. The lines that create the quilting are designed with crosses inside.

There is more. It’s the Boy Clasp. Remember of the original version looks like? It features 6 block studs. This Boy has also the same Boy Clasp, but it’s built with only 2 block studs, the other 4 are circle studs.

The adjustements are small, but it’s enough to seperate yours from the crowd. And besides, this Boy still looks classic, timeless and gorgeous beyond words.

The Interior

The interior is the same as any Boy Bags. Inside you will find one main compartment as well as a zip or patch pocket.

The Sizes And Prices

The sizes and the prices are the same as the original/classic Boy Bags. To see the most recent prices, please go to: Chanel Classic Bag Prices.

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