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Celine Tie Bag

Celine Tie Bag Review

You get back to the swing of shopping mode after days and just want a perfect handbag, apt for every occasion, searching the depths of pinterest, you want a statement bag and simultaneously you want something seasonless. It all leaves you scratching your head, so what to do now? Expandable side wings, tie below the handles, bi-color style and an epitome of simplicity; does it ring any bells? Well, off course we’re talking about the Celine Tie bag! In the vast family of Celine, it’s a fresh addition as well as a fill-in for the Celine Phantom bag, which got discontinued from spring 2014. But we know how badly we’ll miss the good old phantom. As far as we know about the bag, the name comes from the “knots” or “ties” at the handle’s base; therefore the name- “Celine Tie Bag”. Take a trip down the memory lane and we will find that it didn’t get it’s welcome right off the bat, rather in a year. The tie tote was introduced in Fall 2013 collection but got its front row place during the Spring 2014 collection.

The Design

Celine Tie Bag Review Don’t get ditched by the silhouette, it doesn’t look big but it contains tons! It has a wider wingspan than the Celine luggage. There’s obviously a flap like any other but it’s been designed in terms of functionality; tuck the flap in and the style is close to summer, keep it out and you’re ready to get going in the winter breeze. You’ll find a creative knot just below the handles and you’ll, once again give kudos to Celine’s unimaginable craftsmanship. The exotic feel of the leather and the minimalistic approach in bi-colors as well adds to the USP of the brand. Available in a variety of skins like felt, suede, python, reptile, pony hair, canvas, etc, it’s a perfect travel cum statement handbag for the gen-next crowd. The handles are round and are cool to carry in all occasions whether it’s formal or informal. Resembling a manta ray, its structure is quiet unique if you take a closer peek, it also doesn’t change it’s shape. The side wings are expandable so that you can change its look whenever you’re bored, there’s a small buckle and belt so you can adjust the shape. Tuck the wings in, make it square and the silhouette is best if you’re going for a formal meeting. Also, there are five studs at the bottom to keep the bottom clean and the bag upright. The bag won’t fall down if you keep it on the table, those five little feet will help it stay upright. Usually the Celine Tie Bag comes in solid or bi-colors.

The Interior

Celine Tie Bag Review
Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile
Believe it or not, Celine is always full of surprises. Nobody ever saw Celine doing something next to usual, did they? Same is the story of this tie-bag, it’s interior is as unique as its exterior. The leather flap that can be tucked in opens to a splendid suede interior where you can store your everyday essentials. Your car keys and cards won’t get lost this time as you have two slip pockets, a mini pouch and a zipper compartment; you can just keep them away from the bigger items in that single suede compartment of your tote. Stuff your beloved cell phone, laptop, wallet, makeup accessories and many more things in your tie-bag without having to worry much.

The Prices

Celine Mini Tie Bag Latest Prices
Normal Leather $3250 USD, Bi-color; $3450 USD

Celine Small Tie Bag Latest Prices (Sept 2016)

Celine Medium Tie Bag Latest Prices (Dec 2015)
Natural Calfskin $3800 USD, €2500 euro
Smooth Leather $3400 USD, €2200 euro
Pebbled Leather €2375 euro

The sizes

Celine Tie Bag Review
From Left To Right: Mini, Small, Medium, Large

Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

Styles Sizes:
Celine Mini Tie Bag 10’ x 9.75’ x 6.75’ inches (L x H x D)
Celine Small Tie Bag 11.25’ x 10’ x 8’ inches (L x H x D)
Celine Medium Tie Bag 12.5′ x 11.5′ x 8.5′ inches (L x H x D)
Celine Large Tie Bag 15.5′ x 10.75′ x 9′ inches (L x H x D)

The Leather Colors

Celine Tie Bag Review
From Left To Right: Crisped Calfskin, Grained Calfskin, Smooth Calfskin, Palmelato Calfskin, Felt, Python

The Color Choices

Celine Tie Bag Review
From Left To Right: Black, Anthracite, Grey

Celine Tie Bag Review
From Left To Right: Chalk, Red, Brown, blue, Indigo, Yellow

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