Celine Cabas Phantom Bag

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Celine Cabas Phantom Bag

Celine Cabas Phantom Bag Review

The craving to shop more will never come to an end, we’ll always need more and more, and more! Then, what about a humongous bag that will; be apt for putting even things like your laptop or groceries, be an epitome of minimalistic design and will never get much heavier. If you’re looking for such bag then here comes the Celine Cabas Phantom Bag as your perfect daytime buddy.

It’s your bigger size Celine statement bag, if you’re up for a simple yet gorgeous beauty to stuff all your belongings. We all know that Celine is known for its minimalistic and regal designs, and here is the proof again, just in front of our very eyes. The high quality leather, that’s exclusive of Celine is sure a timeless style and a great investment along with some subtle shades.

Here’s A Look At The Design

Celine Cabas Phantom Bag Review

What should we call it? A bucket bag? Yes! That’s the most exclusive name to call if we analyze its simple-is-beautiful style. It’s something that the other designers have never really thought of, only Celine could go for those tassels or shall we say leather straps. These leather straps are highly practical and trendy; you can just pull on the strap and tie it to tighten the bag. If you wish to carry little you can make the bag small and bucket style and if you want to carry tons of things than don’t use the tassels, isn’t it extremely convenient. The whole outlook makes it look so unique that this Celine itself ties your whole ensemble together.

Its bottom is just like an envelope, that too is stylish and the Celine signature leather quality is ever the same. It’s durable and extra buttery soft, which is supposed to lose its shape. The shape loosing quality makes this phantom much lighter than your other totes.

It’s a huge bag that can store tons of things without getting heavier. It’s a total daytime bag; you can carry your notes, documents, even fruits, groceries or laptop too! But if you’re planning on putting some groceries in, then you should first layer them in polybags or cotton bags, as off course you don’t want your Celine to get dirty!

How Big Is The Inside?

Celine Cabas Phantom Bag Review

Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

This gigantic bag opens to a large compartment that can easily store your everyday things, so if you want a bag larger than your tote or phantom than the Celine Cabas phantom bag is a perfect choice. It’s interior has 1 zipper pocket and two flat pockets to add on. The best thing is, that the zipper pocket is really really bag; you can stuff your general makeup items or your travel card in it. The two pockets below the zipper compartment also provide a great utility value. In case you don’t want your cell phone or car keys to get lost in the traffic of items in this bag, you can easily stuff them here.

The bag holds much, but is never heavy. Keep in mind the silhouette of this Cabas; if you are a lean or petite girl, it makes you feel tall and trendy all at the same time.

Which Size?

Celine Small Cabas Phantom Bag10.25’ x 11.5’ x 6.75’ (L x H x D)
Celine Medium Cabas Phantom Bag11’ x 14’ x 8’ inches
Celine Large Cabas Phantom Bag12’ x 15’ x 9’ inches

Pick The Leather

Celine Cabas Phantom Bag Review

From Left To Right: Grained Calfskin, Drummed Calfskin

Celine Cabas Phantom Bag Review

From Left To Right: Natural Calfskin, Lambskin, Canvas

Pick The Color

Celine Cabas Phantom Bag Review

From Left To Right: Black, Brown, Grey, Baby Blue

Celine Cabas Phantom Bag Review

From Left To Right: Red, White, Yellow, Blue Canvas

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