A Closer Look: Chanel Boy Galuchat Bag


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A Closer Look: Chanel Boy Galuchat Bag

A Closer Look: Chanel Boy Galuchat Bag


Some weeks ago, we’ve featured a diamond in the form of the Chanel Boy Galuchat Bag. We know you loved the sparkle, that’s why we’re bringing it back to you! The Galuchat Bag is made with stingray leather (on center) and bordered with luxurious lambskin to achieve such a marvelous exterior. We know you want this!

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The piece features the most coveted signature ‘Boy’ clasp, and we know that edgy is an understatement. The contrast of metal and leather on this piece is unbelievable. Also, we know for a fact that Chanel isn’t just about the aesthetics, because this piece is highly functional! It can store all of your day-to-night essentials with ease.

Since this piece is a also a WOC, you can wear it both ways: as a handheld clutch, or on your shoulders. We’re wondering how Chanel does it, too.

Get yours now via Chanel boutique!

Pictures courtesy of: PASTILASHOP

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