The So Many Chanel O Cases

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A couple years ago, when we were talking about the Chanel O Case, we mean the Chanel Classic O Case, because there was just ‘one’ type of O Case. But today, there are so many newly-designed O Cases that we’ve lost count. Which one is the iconic one? Which one is the seasonal one? Which … Read more

Chanel Deauville O Cases

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The Deauville is growing into a full collection with handbags and accessories. We’ve just covered the new Deauville Clutch With Chain Bag and now the Deauville O Cases are joining the team for the Cruise 2018 collection. And for those that do not know yet – Deauville handbags are all crafted in Canvas. The Design … Read more

Chanel O Cases with Cosmo Charm

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The Chanel O Case with a bit extra for the Fall Winter 2017 Collection Act 2. Sometimes a little twist can change the look of a pouch. The Cosmo Charm is a limited edition and will only be available for this season. The Design Basically the design is exactly the same as the original Chanel … Read more

Chanel Metallic O Cases

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If you think you’ve had enough taking a peek into the future, think again as Chanel is bringing us more futuristic bags and accessories. When something is beautiful, we want to see more. So we wouldn’t mind if Chanel bring us more of those futuristic bags and accessories. With a theme entitled “Data Center Chanel”, … Read more